Halifax Economic Strategy | Increase business engagement in the Province's workforce strategy


Maximize opportunities for increased alignment, awareness and engagement of the business community in the implementation of the Province’s workforce strategy.


  1. Identify changes needed in Provincial and Federal regulations and programs to better support young professionals, internationally skilled workers and entrepreneurs in pursuing opportunities in Halifax.

    Lead: GHP
    Business Community Engagement: HIGH

  2. Increase the business community’s awareness of, and access to, labour market information and resources to assist their efforts in achieving best practices in employee recruitment and retention.

    Lead: GHP
    Business Community Engagement: HIGH

  3. Increase community organizations’ awareness of provincial resources to support professional development and business management for not-for-profit and voluntary sector.

    Lead: GHP
    Business Community Engagement:LOW

  4. Increase the business community’s involvement in labour market initiatives to attract and retain young professionals and international skilled workers and increase productivity. Programs include initiatives like the Halifax Connector Program, post-secondary co-operative and internship programs, community mentoring programs and the Province’s new Productivity Investment Program (PIP).

    Lead: GHP
    Business Community Engagement: HIGH

  5. Work with partners to increase the engagement of the business community to provide information and input on current and future labour market needs to ensure programming alignment.

    Lead: GHP
    Business Community Engagement:HIGH


  • Attraction and retention of immigrants and students
  • Employer attitude
  • Perception of Halifax as a great place to live and work