Halifax:  a “smart city”

Halifax has a well earned reputation as a “smart city”.  What this means to many in our community is that we have a deep and well trained labour pool that is continually replenished by six universities and the province’s largest three community college campuses.  We have a reputation as a place where companies can locate to find the people they need.  We are a destination city, attracting most of the immigrants and migrants that come to Atlantic Canada. Our current position as one of Canada’s talent hubs can only be maintained if we work at it.

People are our future

Business, government, post-secondary and others recognize the need to attract and retain qualified talent especially for high value high growth industries.  Can Halifax compete?  You bet.

Reaching our vision for Halifax will mean overcoming demographic and labour market challenges, welcoming diversity, training our management and our workers to enable their role in the innovation economy, focusing on highly productive industries and high value jobs and making sure our skill sets as a community match up with any city in the world. 

Progress Highlights 


   Highlights - Year 1

  1. Maximize opportunities for increased alignment, awareness and engagement of the business
    community in the implementation of the Province’s Workforce Strategy
  2. Build a welcoming and inclusive environment for underrepresented groups
  3. HRM will become an “Employer of Choice” serving
    as a model for its business community

  • Talent Action Team formed, led by Malcolm Fraser, ISL
  • Ongoing visitation to business through the
    Partnership's Business Retention and Expansion
    and Labour Market Development Programs
  • Greater Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program
    expanded to include young and emerging talent.
    - 66 newcomers and young and emerging 
    professionals secured employment 
  • Nova Scotia’s Workforce Strategy has been developed 
    to address a shrinking workforce and to help Nova Scotians acquire the right skills for good jobs
  • Provincial retention of immigrants has improved significantly
  • Expanded foreign-credential recognition efforts are underway.


Progress Reports

What's Next 

  • Make Halifax a more welcoming community; engage with all population growth areas – young and emerging talent, immigrants, international students and others.