Regional Centre

Every great city has an attractive, vibrant, dynamic and successful heart

Halifax's Regional Centre is the economic, social, and government engine of our city, our province and the Atlantic region.  Catching the growth wave is important for city centres. Downtown Halifax has missed at least one growth cycle (2000-2008) for new building construction and the centre of gravity has shifted to suburban business parks and away from a more healthy balance of suburban and urban growth.  Working to reverse this trend makes sense. 

A Strategic Urban Partnership

A new Strategic Urban Partnership will draw in the three levels of government, major urban institutions, crown corporations, private business, and development and design communities with the intent of setting a new course for the urban core. The Strategic Urban Partnership mandated and supported by all three levels of government to undertake new and exciting urban projects in our downtown is a key building block of this strategy. 

Progress Highlights 


   Highlights - Year 1

  1. Direct and oversee a pro-development policy environment within the Regional Centre
  2. Further the liveability and attractiveness of our urban core
  3. Reinvent current approach to mobility in the Regional Centre
  4. Celebrate and enable a rich variety of cultural and creative opportunities in the Regional Centre




  • Led by Andy Fillmore, HRM
  • Strategic Urban Partnership (SUP) formed; fundraising
    now for transition to a paid centre
  • SUP constitution drafted and operation plan (model for collaboration) defining key initiatives to accelerate
    transformation developed -- under review by HRM and
    Partnership. Finalized by mid- November.
  • RP+5 is intended to deliver a suite of initiatives to 
    promote investment, density, and housing affordability 
    in the Regional Centre
  • Planning and infrastructure to coordinate and
    collaborate with Metro Transit on a Regional Centre
    transit and transportation model that ensures land
    use planning and transportation planning are aligned and mutually supportive.
  • Regional Plan Review and prioritized Centre Plan
    processes are underway. HRMbyDesign is being implemented. Seven projects approved.
  • Defined regional 5-year $50M capital improvement and prioritized plan
  • Momentum is building for development in the Regional Centre (e.g. convention centre, library, RBC Waterside Centre, King's Wharf)

Strategic Urban Partnership Minutes

Reference Documents 

Progress Reports

What's Next

  • Implement HRM's Centre Plan and recommended enhancements in the Regional Plan
  • Make changes to provincial legislation to allow density bonusing and measures to advance sustainable and affordable development