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When Halifax succeeds, we all succeed

As the economic engine for the province of Nova Scotia, Halifax is in a position to ignite growth across the province and the region. But to meet this potential, we need a plan – a roadmap for the years ahead that embraces Halifax’s challenges and opportunities.

AGREATERHalifax – the 2011-2016 Economic Strategy for Halifax

We are excited to present AGREATERHalifax - the 2011-16 Economic Strategy for our city. This strategy picks up from Halifax’s previous five-year economic strategy – Strategies for Success – which expired in early 2011.

It sets out a bold vision for the future. A vision that sees Halifax taking its place as the economic engine for the region. It is a vision of Halifax as a truly international city where people learn, work, easily start and grow a business, capitalize on ideas and live within a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable community.

This strategy is about two fundamental things:

  • helping build better lives for the people who live and work in Halifax
  • aligning our resources and efforts to make our city a place where more people want to live and work
In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to have a clear vision and strategy for the future. We believe that AGREATERHalifax is the economic vision for Halifax.

Aligning ourselves for success

AGREATERHalifax is the result of collaboration between representatives of all three levels of government, business, post-secondary, not-for-profit and community volunteers. These participants volunteered over 3,000 hours developing this strategy. They consulted widely to ensure that this strategy aligns the priorities and expectations of business, government, and the whole community.    

Most importantly, they worked to ensure that this is a working, living, document that can evolve along our path to success and create measurable results and a real impact in our community. We know that this vision for the future is achievable by working together and aligning ourselves for success.

We hope that you take some time to explore this site and more importantly, to let us know what you think, and how you want to be involved in Halifax’s success.