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City's Success Depends on Talent

As the economy shifts from manufacturing to knowledge, cities have to be great at developing, attracting and retaining talent says Carol Coletta, President & CEO of CEOs for Cities. Speaking to a full house at the Partnership's first 2010 Building Our Future luncheon on March 25, 2010, she said that among the city vitals, Talent is the Big Dog on the Block.  Read Carol's full article.

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Greater Halifax Partnership Talent Initiatives

The competition for talent is affecting businesses of every shape and size here and around the world. In fact, a Partnership 2009 survey, showed that attracting the right talent is the main issue facing local businesses. Many of the Partnership's activities form part of our overall Talent Strategy. Find out what we're doing to help business tap into new talent pools.


Connector Program - puts newcomers in touch with local employers, helping them join the workforce

Employer Immigration Support Program - helps employers understand the immigration process

Y2E Project - strategy to connect priority youth to local employers

Ujamaa - empowering the African Nova Scotian community to reach its full potential.

Building Our Future - Tweets

Coletta: "Innovation does not come with a set of best practices. It may be a new idea and that's ok. Embrace creativity." #BOFHalifax

Coletta: "The longer you debate, the longer it takes to get things done and then opportunities are missed." #BOFHalifax

Coletta: "If you don't invest in a vibrant downtown, you won't keep + attract young talent. Get one quick. " #BOFHalifax

Coletta: "58% of success for a city is related to per capita income. You should hang onto talent, keep them here!"#BOFHalifax

Coletta: "Talent is the big dog on the block. If you ask me if a city is successful, I'll ask for the % of college graduates. "#BOFHalifax 

Coletta: "The best way to tackle national + global challenges is to work at the city level." #BOFHalifax 

Carol Coletta "Success for some cities is result of pure dumb luck. Look at Seattle - home of Microsoft " #BOFHalifax 

#BOFHalifax: Dan Leger "It up to US and get our act together and make things happen in this city!"

#BOFHalifax: Kent "We must continue to foster a collaborative business culture."

 #BOFHalifax: Paul Kent "New facilities downtown will help attract new events + jobs. "