SmartCity Business Show

This is a Smart City.

It's not only smart but it's a happening place. That's why each show focuses on Halifax's strengths, like how international companies are attracted to our strong research facilities.

The SmartCity Business Show is fresh, engaging and above all entertaining. Where industry lingo is explained in common terms with the assistance of host Craig Layton.


Season 2 Episodes

Episode 8


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"Keeping Hand-blown Crystal Alive" feat. NovaScotian Crystal

In the final episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton visits Rod McCulloch at NovaScotian Crystal for a close-up view of the crystal manufacturing process.

Episode 7


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"A Bicycle Business Built for You" feat. I Heart Bikes

In the seventh episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton talks to I Heart Bikes' Owner, Sarah Craig, about her unique waterfront bike rental shop in Halifax, NS.

Episode 6


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"It's All Gone Electric" feat. NS Power

In the sixth episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton meets with Rob Wadden -- Communications Specialist for NSPI, and talks about the features and benefits of electric transportation.

Episode 5


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"Scale of Operations" feat. Autoport
In episode 5 of the SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton chats with Emery Robidoux, Autoport's General Manager - Automotive, about the Ford transit process, and the scale of operation that Autoport completes on a daily basis.
Episode 4


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"Verbal TaeKwon-Do" feat. Source Security

In episode 4 of the SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton chats with Ron Lovett, President of Source Security, about how his business grew from its modest start, and what it takes to be a member of their security team.

Episode 3


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"Choose Your Own Reality" feat. Ad Dispatch

In the third episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, host Craig Layton meets the staff at Ad Dispatch and learns about the world of 3D animation and augmented reality.

Episode 2


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"Culture of Collaboration" feat. FUSION Halifax

In the second episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, Craig Layton visits Obladee wine bar to talk to Sarah Levy, Vice Chair of FUSION Halifax to talk about the power of face-to-face networking. 

Episode 1


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"Diversity for Growth and Innovation" feat. RBC

In the first episode of SmartCity Business Show's second season, Craig Layton visits a Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) branch and learns the value of hiring immigrant talent.


Season 1 Episodes

Episode 13


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Why Halifax?

In this episode, we took to the streets of Halifax to talk to residents and visitors. We asked the same question we asked throughout this series, "Why Halifax?" The answers were honest and sincere - confirming that Halifax really is "A Smart City."

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Episode 12


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Relationships & Networks

Social capital, what is it? Craig Layton sits down with Professor Leslie Brown, Mount Saint Vincent University, Shannon MacLean, BALLE Nova Scotia and Derek Estabrook, Farmers Dairy, to find out why it is great for the individual, great for the economy and most importantly, great for Halifax.

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Episode 11


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Halifax is Canada's Smart City

We have one of the largest concentrations of universities and colleges in North America and one of the best educated workforces in all of Canada. This episode explores and celebrates the numerous post-secondary assets here in Halifax; the sector's impact on our economy and community; research and commercialization efforts and successes; and partnerships between post-secondary and business.

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Episode 10


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The Sky is the Limit

With over 25,000 undergraduate students living right here in Halifax, it’s no wonder why Carl Daniels, VP & General Manager of Atlantis Systems Eduplus, decided to keep and grow the company here. Atlantis Systems Eduplus designs software training programs for military personnel around the world. In this episode, Craig has fun testing flight simulators and surprising employees to find out if they really are from Halifax.

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Episode 9

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Under the Sea

Halifax is footsteps away from the Atlantic Ocean, so it makes sense for us to find out what's going on in there. Dalhousie University's Aquatron laboratory, a marine research facility, conducts university, government and industry research in this 684,000-litre pool tank. The lab is used for everything from a testing facility to an artificial reef habitat for cuttlefish to a holding facility for seals, squid and diving birds. In this episode, host Craig Layton tells us a little bit more about life under the sea!

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Episode 8


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In the Navy

Halifax is home to the largest military establishment in the country: the Department of National Defense. If you join the Canadian Navy, chances are you'll be spending a significant amount of time in Halifax. Brian Santarpia, Base Commander Chief, talks to Craig about the Navy's impact on Halifax's businesses and communities, their place in Halifax's history (hint: it's at the beginning), and shows off some pretty impressive boats.

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Episode 7


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Manufacturing from Start to Finish

Helly Hansen, based out of Norway, chose to set up shop in Halifax to gain easy access to our international port to receive the goods they need to make their products.  In this episode, host Craig Layton speaks with CEO Dan Clarke, tests out a survival suit, and gets a sense of what it's like to build something from the ground up.

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Episode 6


Growing Research Sector

Elekta, a Swedish human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, has chosen to expand here because Halifax has got all the ingredients they need.

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Episode 5


It's All About Who You Know

Imagine moving to a new country that doesn't speak your native language, things are a little different from what you're used to and you don't know anybody.

Take that one step further. Imagine you are have an MBA and you just wants to make business contacts and establish a network of connections to further your career.

The Halifax International MBA Connector Program helps connect all the dots.

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Episode 4


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We're Moving Ahead

Halifax has a naturally deep harbour and a geographic location that is the envy of many.  Halifax offers the fastest route to North America's heartland and Michele Peveril of the Port of Halifax dishes the goods.

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Episode 3


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A World-Class Airport

Each year millions people and goods move through Greater Halifax. This generates billions of dollars into the local economy. In any given day, through our infrastructure and transportation systems, we are linking one side of the globe to the other.

In this episode, feel connected as Craig  talks to Joyce Carter of Halifax Stanfield International Airport who is also Chair of the Halifax Gateway Council.

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Episode 2


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Halifax's Assets

In this episode, Fred Morley, Executive VP & Chief Economist of Greater Halifax Partnership talks about how Halifax is ready for international business, how Halifax is a great place to do business and how an urban core is important to the regional economy.

How? Oh, well...something about the quality of talent here, a vibrant city, geographical positioning but that's not all. You'll have to watch to find out more.

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Episode 1

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Why a Business Show?

We start with an introductory chat with Paul Kent, President & CEO of the Greater Halifax Partnership.  Paul sits down with host Craig Layton to talk about how the series will lay out.  Social media is becoming a necessary tool to reach audiences all over the globe. By focusing on the what makes Greater Halifax a fantastic place to live and work, Paul explains how we will showcase this in the next 12 episodes. 

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