July 19, 2007

Blue Water and the Greater Halifax Partnership Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Greater Halifax Partnership and Blue Water Business Development Corporation Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding centering on economic development opportunities for rural areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Through this agreement, both organizations will identify joint opportunities that will bring economic benefits to these communities.

“This memorandum of understanding will bring together the unique skill sets of both organizations, which will in turn serve more people, better,” says Brad Smith, Vice President of the Greater Halifax Partnership.

Both organizations, which are actively engaged in the development of small business, have worked closely together in the past.

 “A number of our staff members have been working with Blue Water for many years, making referrals back and forth and partnering on various initiatives such as Community Economic Development and most recently through the SmartBusiness Action Team.  This new agreement simply serves to cement this long-standing relationship,” Smith goes on to say.

The memorandum of understanding, signed by Mr. Smith and Sharee Lewis Turner, Executive Director of Blue Water CBDC, lays out eleven initiatives that aim to strengthen the resources available to businesses in rural areas.  From research and analysis services to information sharing and counselling, the Greater Halifax Partnership and Blue Water will work together for the benefit of small business.

“Ultimately, this partnership is meant to address the needs of all types of rural small business by providing services in the most efficient manner,” states Mrs. Turner.
The Greater Halifax Partnership leads economic growth for Greater Halifax.  Our focus is our businesses, our people, our community.  The Partnership brings together all three levels of government, more than 140 private sector investors and many different community groups to drive the economic growth of our region.

CBDC Blue Water promotes economic development in rural areas by providing financial assistance, training and counselling to small businesses.  We offer financing up to $150,000, and deliver specific programs targeted at young entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, student entrepreneurs, and female entrepreneurs.