May 3, 2005

The Greater Halifax Partnership and the San Fernando Partnership sign Memorandum of Understanding and announce first official undertaking

Houston-TX – May 3, 2005 - The Greater Halifax Partnership and the San Fernando Partnership are stronger today, signing a Memorandum of Understanding that will further enhance business growth and opportunity in their respective communities. 
The Memorandum of Understanding builds on an already strong relationship and highlights opportunities for both partnerships in future business development and technology transfer opportunities.

"As the economic growth organization for Greater Halifax, one of the ways we fulfill our mandate is by creating and developing partnerships," said Stephen Dempsey, President and CEO, Greater Halifax Partnership. 

He added, "Trinidad and Tobago has always been a strategic partner for our region, from the days of trading rum for fish.  This Memorandum of Understanding is deepening our relationship in a strongly supported area and builds on past successes, such as the trade mission we led in November of 2004 in conjunction with the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) Annual General Meeting.”  

San Fernando Alderman Ian Atherly said: “I visited Halifax in 2003 and got to see first hand how the Greater Halifax Partnership model works.  I realized that the model could be applied to San Fernando and the result was the creation of the San Fernando Partnership.” 

He added, “Not only are we strengthening a long-standing relationship, we are now able to learn about the successes the Partnership has had with their economic development model and apply those learnings for the benefit of our community.”
One of the first formal initiatives the San Fernando Partnership and the Greater Halifax Partnership will be working on is a technology transfer where the San Fernando Partnership will receive training and mentorship in developing and applying the Greater Halifax Partnership’s Smart City Framework. 

The Greater Halifax Partnership is the economic growth organization for Greater Halifax focused on retaining, expanding and attracting business.  It is among the most innovative and successful economic development partnerships in North America.
The San Fernando Partnership works with the San Fernando City Corporation and the South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce to drive the business sector in the San Fernando and South Trinidad regions.

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