October 9, 2003

Mayor Kelly named president of World Energy Cities Partnership

WECP offers HRM Hurricane Juan donation

(Halifax, NS October 9, 2003) Earlier today it was confirmed that Mayor Peter Kelly has been selected President of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). The confirmation was made at the WECP annual general meeting, currently taking place in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

"In a short time as a member of the World Energy Cities Partnership, Halifax has proven its capability of providing strong leadership within the organization." said current vice president of WECP Lord Provost John Reynolds of Aberdeen, Scotland. He added: "We are certain that Mayor Kelly will continue to demonstrate this same leadership as he assumes the office of President of the World Energy Cities Partnership, beginning in January, 2004."

Mayor Kelly thanked the representatives of the WECP for their confidence in entrusting the Presidency of the World Energy Cities Partnership to the Halifax Regional Municipality. "I will do my utmost to uphold that confidence and work to achieve the organization's mandate to the benefit of not only our city, but all World Energy Cities. He added, "We have much to learn from the experiences of other World Energy Cities with energy sectors more mature than our own. And there is tremendous business opportunity to use this organization to the benefit of our respective business communities."

"Today is an exciting day for Halifax," said Stephen Dempsey, President and CEO of the Greater Halifax Partnership. He added, "It took almost five years for us to gain membership into the World Energy Cities Partnership and in two short years we have worked diligently to both support the growth of the organization and extract economic benefit for Halifax and our region."

The meeting, hosted by Mayor Peter Kelly and organized by the Greater Halifax Partnership has focused on planning and formal business of the WECP. This included the election of officers and future directions for the organization. Dr. Peter Nattrass, Lord Mayor of Perth was named WECP vice-president.

Representatives of the WECP also acknowledged the extraordinary circumstances under which the World Energy Cities Partnership is meeting in the Halifax Regional Municipality. As a result, World Energy City Mayors collectively made a monetary contribution to assist HRM in its rebuilding efforts.

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