CityThink 2011

CityThink 2011

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This is the 2nd year the Partnership has partnered with MarketQuest-Omnifacts and Metro Halifax to produce CityThink 2011, a glimpse of how Haligonians feel about the economy, technology, municipal politics, and a range of other key topics.

MarketQuest-Omnifacts sampled 600 HRM residents between April 13 to 23. Results and stories were published in Metro Halifax from May 9 - 13.

Results & Stories

City Issues, Monday, May 9

Municipal Politics, Tuesday, May 10

  • Mayor losing his lustre - Public opinion of Mayor Peter Kelly is taking a hit. Forty-two per cent of HRM residents say their impression of Kelly has worsened somewhat or greatly over the past 12 months. Survey says: Cut councillors
  • Survey says cut councillors - HRM residents want to trim the size of council. 64 per cent of people want to see the number of councillors decrease from its current total of 23.
Crime and Safety, Wednesday, May 11

Economy, Thursday, May 12

  • Entrepreneur isn’t waffling -  Kevin Doucette has opened two small businesses in HRM over the past year. A small feat that wouldn’t have been possible in a weak economy, he says.

Quality of Life, Friday, May 13

  • Loving it in HRM - As Joel Plaskett says, “There’s a reason that I love this town.” For Ashling Kavanagh, it’s the integration of history and modernism that makes HRM an “amazing place to live.”
  • Halifax by any other name ... - Are you from Halifax or Nova Scotia? Dartmouth or “just outside Halifax?”
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder -  The question, of course, is why? According to the latest CityThink survey — conducted for Metro Halifax and the Greater Halifax Partnership — 91 per cent of us are pleased as punch to live in our awkwardly named Halifax Regional Municipality. 

CityThink Tweets

  • 92% of #Halifax residents are likely to stay for the next five years #citythink2011
  • #Halifax has “a really great vibe” that you don’t get in other places #citythink2011
  • Over 60% say #Halifax when asked where they’re from #citythink2011
  • There’s no question that Haligonians love #Halifax – over 90% said so #citythink2011
  • @Fred_Morley says #Halifax’s economy is growing, jobs are being created and things are happening #citythink2011
  • #Halifax business owner Kevin Doucette says local lenders have been willing to invest #citythink2011
  • Two-thirds of #Halifax residents think economic development over the past 10 years has been good for the city
  • Over half of #Halifax residents are positive about the city’s economy #citythink2011
  • Over 70% of people in #Halifax feel safe in the downtown #citythink2011
  • @Fred_Morley says new Convention Centre would help rejuvenate downtown #Halifax #citythink2011 #conventioncentre