Halifax is developing a solid business reputation internationally. But in this competitive world, we have to tell our own story and tell it in more places, to more people, more convincingly and consistently than we have.

We need an internationally recognized brand that communicates Halifax’s unique qualities—our unique location that combines quality of life with leading edge opportunities and sustainable economic success.

Halifax is a community yet to find its full voice, but we already know something of our brand.  Our brand is that compulsion to tell a perfect stranger about Halifax in great detail if they show the remotest interest.  It’s about the virtual fist fight that breaks out on Facebook if someone runs us down.  Brand is Halifax community pride made real.  So this strategy will be building our brand on a strong foundation.

Progress Highlights 


   Highlights - Year 1

  1. Create a unique international city brand for Halifax that reflects our best qualities and what we aspire to be
  2. Move Halifax from Good to Great - Live the Brand



  • Action team established, led by Peter Spurway, Halifax International Airport Authority
  • Draft implementation framework detailing scope of work completed
  • Background research completed:
    - Compilation of existing Halifax brand research,
       including an assessment of existing    
       stakeholders and current marketers.
    - Review of branding best practices.
    - Comprehensive list of Halifax’s functional and    
       emotional benefits.
    - Definitions of target audiences.
    - Initial benchmarking of local levels of business
  • The work is progressing as planned; however, resourcing will need to be addressed

Progress Reports

What's Next 

  • Secure resources to fund brand development and benchmarking.
  • Continuing business confidence surveying.
  • Build a team of “Ambassadors” that promote the city’s new international brand.
  • Encourage all residents to live the brand!