Growth Opportunities

taking decisive action through Strategic partnerships

Great cities ensure that no good opportunity is lost and no challenge evolves into crisis.  In both cases, chances of success are enhanced through the coordination of effort and resources that comes with partnership and alignment. Successful business and community economic development requires us to be nimble both in identifying an opportunity or a challenge and then acting on it.  

Taking decisive action through strategic partnerships on opportunities and challenges will be one of the drivers of success of this strategy and a key factor in determining the pace of future growth in the Halifax economy.   A research and a response capability will allow us to identify and deal with critical opportunities and challenges and will include:

  • Using competitive intelligence techniques to identify issues affecting our economy, our companies and our community.  
  • Doing the analysis to understand the scope and implications of the challenge or opportunity and prescribing best practice tactics and approaches for dealing with them
  • Developing an action team approach to every critical challenge and opportunity

Progress Highlights 


   Highlights - Year 3

  1. Support and validate the implementation of the
    economic strategy through an enhanced research capacity
  2. Identify and respond to high value, high potential economic growth opportunities and encourage investment, exports, business productivity, innovation and competitiveness





  • Competitive Intelligence: Launched The Halifax Index at the 1st State of the Economy Conference in May 2012. 
  • Sector Growth: The Partnership is working with stakeholders in the Oceans Industry to raise awareness on the importance of the sector
    to our economy and support the development of sector strategy.
  • SmartBusiness: The Partnership's Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Account Executives met face-to-face with over 205 businesses and completed an in-depth analysis designed to measure, evaluate and develop strategies to meet their business needs.This year’s results include:
    - 219 referrals, 71% closed
    - Resulting in the retention and/or creation of 832 jobs 
  • Business Leaders' Roundtable: The Partnership launched the
    Business Leaders’ Roundtable program for companies that are beyond the start-up stage and are opening up new export markets and/or commercializing innovative products or technical processes. The program is currently running two streams with 19 senior owner-executives.  
  • Industry and Post-secondary Collaboration:  The Partnership met
    with Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI) at Dalhousie to discuss opportunities for increased collaboration with business. ILI helps companies to find and develop relationships with researchers to 
    meet business requirements and to expand the researchers'
    potential to participate in cutting edge projects.
  • Head and Regional Office Strategy: To ensure Halifax keeps, grows and attracts head and regional offices (HROs), the Partnership has developed an HRO initiative to:
    -  Attract and retain head and regional offices to/in Halifax
    -  Market Halifax as the best location in Canada for a Head and
       Regional Office location
    -  Raise awareness around the importance and economic impact of
       HROs to our economy and community
    -  Provide significant outreach and aftercare to existing HROs to
       ensure we are meeting their needs

    Targeted visitations: 163 Head offices and 67 regional head offices, with 21 visits completed through to Q3 and total to date of 51. 
  • Attracting Investment: Continued collaboration with Nova Scotia
    Business Incorporated (NSBI) and other partners to attract and retain business investment.  The Partnership is currently managing a business development funnel with 11 qualified leads.  Since April 2012, there have been four closes, generating 33 jobs.
  • Marketing Halifax Internationally: Launched Why Halifax to market Halifax’s competitive advantages and to help potential investors
    locate or expand a business in the city. The Why Halifax toolkit includes:
    -   GIS system (enabling companies to research the best location
        for their business)
    -   Halifax e-brochure (customizable investment profile of Halifax)
    -   Success stories 
    -   2 videos
    -   4 podcasts with industry experts
  • Halifax Gateway: This past year saw over 9.5 million metric tonnes of
    cargo and more than 3.8 million people move in and out of our region through the Halifax Gateway, employing over 23,000 people and
    generating over $3 billion in economic impact.  
    -   Delivered two inbound missions to Halifax for companies from
        North America, Europe and Asia
    -   HGC briefing on Canada EU Trade Negotiations
    -   Promotion of the Halifax Get’s it There Supply Chain Calculator
    -   Participation at the Strategic Joint Regional Transportation
    -   $34 million main runway extension at Halifax Stanfield International
    -   $75 million South End container terminal and Richmond Multi-
        purpose terminal expansions at the Port of Halifax.
    -   Municipal investment in ongoing development of the Halifax
        Logistics Park
    -   Marketing investments for projects from:  Province of Nova Scotia,
        ACOA, DFAIT, Transport Canada
    -   Developed and submitted the Air Route Program Proposal
    -   Developed ROI and Economic Impacts for Frankfurt direct to Halifax
    -   Developed ROI and Economic Impact of Regional Hub operation
    -   Submission to the FTZ Coalition
    -   Developed map highlighting the $100 Billion in investments 
        underway through the mega projects being developed in Atlantic
    -   Success Stories, including Cargojet and Saga Cruise Lines
    -   May 2012 Supply Chain Canada Reception
    -   Developed the Goods to Go brochure for the Halifax Logistics Park
    -   Developed the marketing aerial map of the Halifax Logistics Park
    -   Developed the Transportation Profile for the Halifax Gateway
    -   Developed a lead list of Corporate Real Estate individuals in North
    -   Developed the Halifax Logistics Park Development Plan
    -   Sponsor of Halifax Port Days
    -   Developed two page spread for Halifax Gateway in Chronicle Herald