Business Climate

Open for business and Open to People

Halifax needs a business climate that fosters global competitiveness by maintaining a competitive tax and regulatory environment, providing needed public infrastructure and services in a cost effective manner and maintaining a quality of place capable of attracting and holding talented people. Halifax has to be open for business and open to people.

Setting Halifax Apart

Weighing all competitiveness factors, KPMG ranks Halifax as one of the most competitive cities in Canada and the world.   But we can't sit back and be complacent.

In the global competition for business and talent, quality of life and attitudes are what can set Halifax apart. This means investing in infrastructure that enhances this quality of life and that means somehow getting our tax burden down to competitive levels. The ultimate objective is to move us as a community to the point where a positive business climate is part of our community character.

Progress Highlights 


   Highlights - Year 1

  1. Reduce regulatory, tax and policy issues that can
    inhibit development and investment
  2. Create a service oriented culture within HRM that
    supports the business community’s need for
    competitiveness, growth and responsiveness 
  3. Develop a responsive, safe, integrated regional
    transportation system
  4. Focus on quality of place including the need for
    civic engagement, public investment and initiatives
    to increase social capital
  5. Halifax is recognized internationally for its clean
    and healthy environment
  6. Increase the engagement and active support of
    the private sector in the economic growth of Halifax

  • Open for Business Action Team formed, led by
    Laura Charlton, BMO
  • Proposal underway to study the impact of commercial
    taxation on the urban core
  • Chamber Roundtable on Taxation is ongoing
  • Provincial capital tax eliminated as of July 1, 2012
  • Project plans developed for tax discussion paper and
    analysis to reduce regulatory burden.
  • 94% renewal rate of the Partnership's investors
    (over 130; invest over $1.1M)


Progress Reports

What's Next 

  • Halifax Chamber Roundtable to provide direction on tax priorities.
  • Complete tax discussion paper and communicate findings. 
  • Implement recommendations of commercial tax and locations decisions study.
  • Develop strategy to address gaps in general tax competitiveness.
  • Clarify top regulatory issues facing business.